With an outstanding background as a professional player and over 15 years of teaching experience, Derrick Lang-Hawkins brings both his passion and expertise to the court, helping you believe & achieve!

​​Derrick Lang-Hawkins is a professional player from USA who is based in Switzerland. He has played 13 year professionally around the world, including stops In countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Switzerland obtaining 5 championships thru his journey.

Before he became a Professional player, Derrick was a Oklahoma All State High School standout receiving multiple awards and also a college basketball player at the University of The Incarnate Word in San Antonio Texas in which he received few awards, including 1st Team All-conférence, Team MVP, 1st Team All Defensive .

Outside his player duties, D. Lang has a passion for teaching the youth, and trains internationally privately for individudual improvement and skills development In Switzerland, Brazil and America. He started Dlangtraining Internationally to try to help young players become better on and off the court. In the past 15 years he has run and participate in few clinics while running his own camps including:

5 years NBA Spurs Youth Camp (USA) 2000-2005

2 years Texas Long Star Camp (USA) 2006-2008

4 years UIW Camp (USA) 2000-2004

3 years San Antonio Elite Camp (USA) 2015-

4 years International Wilson Allstar Camp Coach (Germany- Switzerland) 2010-2014

2 years Chui Chua Esportes Clinic (Brazil) 2016-

3 years George Gervin Elite Camp (USA) 2015-

2 years Lang Academy International Summer Camp (USA) 2016-

1 year DLANG MVP International Camp (Brazil) 2018-

He is a USA Basketball Gold Licensed Coach, Swiss Basketball Certified Youth Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and he is the Founder Of www.dlangtraining.ch

Wether your playing for the pure joy of the game, Derrick is passionate about making a change and mentoring young players who desire to learn and be better at there craft. The game of basketball is a global sport that continues to evolve. In retrospect the knowledge and experience he has gained playing throughout the world will be implemented to help continued improvement in all aspects of the game of basketball and life.